What a Year of Periscope Taught Me About Social Media

What a Year of Periscope Taught Me About Social Media

What a Year of Periscope Taught Me About Social Media

This post marks my one-year anniversary as a Periscope broadcaster. I’ve hosted over 350 broadcasts to date (and counting!). The year has had many interesting twists and turns, including the fall of broadcasting rival Meerkat, the comings and goings of broadcasting apps, and the emergence of a fierce broadcasting community. Here’s what I learned through it all.

You Need to Show Up.

I’ve coached many influencers to get them started with their Periscope broadcasting. No matter how big they are, one thing remains the same – you need to show up or you’ll go nowhere with Periscope. A random broadcast every once in a while just doesn’t cut it with Periscope. You have to show up, again and again, and bring awesome content to connect with your audience. This extends across all social media, you want to be seen (learn other ways to been seen online here).

The Best Parts Happen Offline

The best experiences I’ve had with Periscope is when it’s moved offline. I’ve met some incredible people, either from attending their broadcasts or when they’ve joined mine. But what happens on Periscope doesn’t need to stay on Periscope. Connect with people on Twitter, email them or jump on a Skype call to learn how you can work together. It’s done incredible things for my own business.

Above: one of my most important broadcasts to date

People Want to Feel Included

One of the rookie mistakes I see new broadcasters make is failing to include their viewers. Here’s the thing – there are real people behind those screens. Have you ever been in a one-way conversation with someone? They go on and on about themselves and you’re left there hanging, until you find an excuse to leave. Periscope (and social media) is no different. Ask questions, create thought-provoking subjects, and get your audience involved any way you can. They’ll stick around and keep coming back again and again.

It’s About Building a Tribe

There are a lot of loners out there in social media. They’re the people who post content, just to have something out there, dying for someone to like their post but not caring who. Periscope is a game changer for building your social media tribe. Because of Periscope, social media is no longer a one-way transmission, but rather a two-way conversation that just keeps going. And with each broadcast, you’re growing an even bigger, more caring community who will follow you wherever you go. Trust me – I’m lucky because I’ve found my tribe there. Learn how to create your tribe with this post I did!

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Community

There have been some incredible things that have happened over the past year thanks to Periscope. People saw first-hand the behind-the-scenes of war, famine, and the movements that are changing our world. It’s helping to close the gap and open our eyes to what’s really happening in the world. Periscope viewers are donating money to those in need, volunteering their time, and educating those who need it most. And I think that’s just beautiful.

Download my Periscope Quickstart Guide to learn how to begin broadcasting straight away.

My Top 5 Tips for Periscope Broadcasting

1. Be Natural

People love to interact with real people. If you’re too salesy or all about you, they’re likely get turned off and leave. Show them who you really are and they’ll show you the love for it. Learn my other ways to be more loveable in this great post!

2. Remember the Nature of Periscope

Having a perfect set for your broadcast may seem like a good idea, but it can look inauthentic. The true nature of Periscope is on-the-fly content, no matter where you are. Don’t worry about making everything “just so”.

3. Give a Visual

During your broadcasts, viewers can screenshot and share to their Twitter followers. Their screenshot will also be saved to their camera roll for later. Take advantage so that you’re on the top of their mind by asking them to screenshot a visual, like a quote, url, or a handy checklist.

4. Include Keywords

If you’ve connected your Twitter account to your Periscope account, you’ll have the opportunity to share your broadcasts to Twitter when you go live. Your viewers will also have the chance to share your broadcasts out for you. Take advantage of the keywords in your broadcast title to gain even more reach beyond Periscope.

5. Connect with Viewers After Your Broadcasts

Don’t let the conversation end on Periscope. Use Fullscope.tv to connect with viewers after your broadcast has ended. Consider thanking them for joining and follow up with resources mentioned on your broadcast. If you are looking to send them over to another page, try to use Bitly for shorter links, here’s how!