Where to send your social traffic to really benefit your business

One of the most common questions I receive from businesses looking to make money online with social media is, where should I send my social traffic? But also, what should I do with them when they’re there? Many are confused as to where they should send their followers, whether it be to a Facebook post, a YouTube video, a Pinterest pin, or an iTunes podcast. The answer is simple – all roads lead back to your website.

Determining Your Goal

New clients often ask me what the value is of a social follower, and they’re shocked when I tell them that social followers aren’t as valuable as email subscribers. Why is this so? Because conversion rates are much higher with email subscribers than social followers. It’s a cold hard fact that I can’t argue. When a user opts in to your list, often through a value proposition, a business has been given explicit permission to market to them directly via their inbox. That user provided their email address because they like what you have to say – and they want to hear more.

Think about email subscribers this way – what if Facebook or Twitter ceased to exist tomorrow? How would you reach your customers? Now, I know this is a very slim probability, but what would you do? Once subscribed, an email belongs to you. They have granted you permission to market to them repeatedly in one of the most personal ways you can connect with someone online.

Bait Them With Lead Generation Magnets

Because of this, our main goal is to drive traffic to a website where we can capture leads. Lead Generation Magnets (LGMs) should be placed throughout your website in order to lure potential leads into providing their email address. Examples of a LGM may be:

  • Ebook
  • Whitepaper
  • Free webinar
  • Free program (i.e. video/audio course, 5-30 day challenge)
  • Quiz or survey

Whatever your LGM, be sure that you’re targeting a quality audience, not just an audience that will opt-in for your LGMs. A higher quality list is more valuable than a higher number of subscribers. Learn how to create a Twitter lead generation card with this handy blog post!

Where They Should Land

Now that you know that all traffic should point home (to your website), it’s time to get really specific on where exactly they land. Often times, I see brands push traffic directly to the homepage, which is fine, but don’t expect a user to convert unless your homepage is really laser targeted with your messaging. If possible, send users to a landing page with an opt-in form or a blog post with a LGM (within the post, at the bottom of the post, or even in the sidebar). Note: don’t mislead users by pushing them to a landing page or blog post that wasn’t clearly mentioned in the social media post. You could lose trust and maybe even waste ad dollars.

Pushing Traffic to Your Website from Social

Every post that you put out on social media presents the opportunity to push traffic back to your website. Sometimes you just need to be strategic about it. Here are some potential ways to push traffic back to your website:

  • Link in social post (give them a reason to click-through to learn more)
  • Watermark images
  • Add a source URL to a Pinterest Pin
  • Email marketing (newsletter, auto-responder sequence)
  • Affiliates or partners linking to your website
  • Advertise (Adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, etc)
  • Offline promotions
  • Link in your email signature
  • PR and press releases

Remember to consider where you push traffic to your website. If you’re creating social posts that users will find much later down the road, be sure that the links remain active. If you ever delete a page, consider a redirect so that traffic isn’t lost on your website. Still need help, learn how to create a social media routine that rocks! 

Don’t do all the work

The true measure of success is whether your content is shareable. Shareable content is gold, and it means a lower ad spend, and more organic traffic to your website. Encourage sharing whenever possible, without being too pushy about it. Offer value to users and they’ll undoubtedly share it with their friends.

My App Pick of the Week

My pick of the week isn’t an app, but my favorite LGM opt-in plugin for WordPress, PopUpAlly Pro. It’s simple to use, mobile responsive, and integrates with many of the top email marketing applications. Not only will it allow you to embed opt-in forms, but it’s also a fantastic pop-up plugin. (See it in action below!)

  • Thanks for these tips. I think I’ve read these a while back, but I just saw you link to this on Twitter and thought I’d have another read — and learn something new. Thanks!

  • Leslie McDermid

    Yes! Love the point about lead magnets and was trying to explain to someone why offering a newsletter is not enough, you need to provide more value. Thanks!