What is the Best Social Ad Network for Your Brand?

What is the Best Social Ad Network for Your Brand?

Social media advertising is exploding. Right this very minute, more and more brands are coming on board with social media ads, many of whom are dropping traditional advertising methods. As brands see more and more results from social media advertising, ad spend is quickly increasing. It’s estimated that social ad spending will reach nearly $14 billion by 2018. The question is, what ad network and audience you be spending your money on?

There are many reasons businesses are looking to social media advertising, including:

  • Increase leads and sales
  • Increase following and audience
  • Increase brand and product awareness
  • Downloads and app installs
  • Email list building
  • Audience intelligence for advanced market research
  • Geo-targeted offer claims and promotions

Each ad network offers a variety of audience targeting and vary in costs. I often get the question, “What does an average ad cost on social media?”, but this isn’t an easy question to answer. Each network has an average cost based on the objective, audience, and even what time of day/time/year you deliver your ads. I always recommend testing your ads for a minimum of 30 days, split testing creatives, audiences, ad types and even networks to determine the best option for your brand.

When Facebook launched its ad platform back in 2005, many of the other social networks quickly sat up and took notice, considering new ways to monetize their applications. Now, many of the major networks offer advertising, which leaves many brands wondering, “What network is right for my business?”. Here is a breakdown of the top networks that you might want to consider:


Who it’s great for: B2C Brands, individuals looking to build their audience on Facebook

Facebook is by far the biggest player in the social media advertising arena. With advanced targeting and audience insights, it’s one of the most powerful tools available to advertisers online. With more than one billion users worldwide, it also offers the highest reach for brands, no matter what country or niche they are in.

With a whole slew of ad options, including newsfeed ads, app installs, website conversions, like ads, promoted posts, Facebook Messanger, and so many more, there is undoubtedly an objective that suits your brand and campaign. For my clients, the most common ad type is definitely website conversions, sending Facebook traffic to a website, or back to a website, to drive conversions. Want in on my top retargeting strategy? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this post.


Who it’s great for: B2C Brands, Copy-Based Industries (News, Authors)

Perhaps less known than Facebook ads, Twitter ads have really taken off for many advertisers. Although Twitter may have less users worldwide than Facebook, this might work to many brand’s advantage, narrowing in on the users that are engaging most. With real-time capabilities unlike many of the other social networks, brands can really jump onboard with in-the-minute content, taking advantage of promoted tweets and promoted trends. Still confused about Twitter? Here are 5 things you are getting wrong. 

If you haven’t been apart of a Twitter chat yet, then you’ll definitely want to check out this post to learn how you can host one for your company or product to increase your exposure on Twitter. Likewise, Twitter is great for lead generation, you can learn how to create your Twitter card here!


Who it’s great for: Video Marketers, Brands Utilizing Video for Their Marketing

Ok, so this isn’t officially a social media ad network as it’s tied to Google Adwords, but using YouTube ads can greatly impact views on your videos and content overall. If you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve been saying in past posts, you’ll know that I’m a big advocate for video marketing. By promoting your content and products using YouTube ads, you’ll have an innate ability to connect with your audience unlike traditional text-based ads.

If using YouTube ads, you may also want to consider remarketing ads based on the type of engagement your videos received. Similar to Facebook ads, you can deliver your videos, and promotional videos, to users that you know already love your content in order to see higher conversions.


Who it’s great for: B2B marketing and job-related ads

Great for employee and company specific targeting, you can specify who you want to deliver your LinkedIn ads to based on the industry they work in, their position, seniority, company size, location and demographic. Although many B2B companies look to LinkedIn for advertising, many come to the realization that it’s a very expensive platform, compared to Twitter and Facebook ads. Test your audience and really hone in on your targeting to see the best results possible.


Who it’s great for: Visual brands (retailers, manufacturers, artists, design-oriented companies)

Although I mentioned visual brands above as being great for Pinterest, Pinterest Promoted Pins are extremely useful for so many different industries. When brands aren’t using Pinterest for their content, I’m always puzzled as to why not. If used correctly, Pinterest images can drive a significant amount of traffic back to your website, and with the use of Promoted Pins, you can now reach an even larger audience. Be sure that your pins are visually appealing and they’ll undoubtedly entice users to click through to learn more about your product or service.

Note: As of today’s post, Promoted Pins have not been released to advertisers worldwide, as Pinterest is focusing on testing the ads with a select few larger brands.


Who it’s great for: Visual brands (retailers, manufacturers, artists, design-oriented companies)

It was really no surprise when Facebook-owned Instagram announced they would be rolling out ads on their platform. Although still limited to a select few large brands, Instagram ads have been well received to date. This will hopefully continue, as long as marketers maintain the purpose of the ad network – to inspire users with beautiful, visual content. It is good to know that with so many awesome apps out there, you can easily make wonderful images, here are my top 7. With over 200 million users, the full release of the ad network has many brand’s mouths watering.

An honorable mention needs to go out to StumbleUpon and Reddit advertising, both great ad networks in their own right.

Social Ad Management

Looking for an application to help manage your advertising? Then you’ll definitely want to check out these options:

One final note: any brand that’s using social media ads will tell you that mobile advertising is by far the best money spent, with higher clicks and conversions. In the coming years, spending on mobile social-media ads will surpass non-mobile ads. Consider how you’re using your ads and ad spend to keep up with current mobile trends.