How to Get the Username You Really Want [PODCAST]

Many of the social media networks have strict trademark policies in place to prohibit users from taking and utilizing usernames and urls on behalf of a company. In many cases, if a username is taken, it need to be clearly stated that the account is “unofficial” or a “parody account”. But, if your name, word, slogan or logo are trademarked, you may have more rights that if they weren’t.

Here are links to some of the top social media networks’ trademark policies:





* I am in no way, shape or form available to answer trademark or legal questions. This podcast and blog post are for informational purposes only. Please confer with your legal council for more information. 

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  • Afton, hope you’re enjoying your break from the Podcast in Ireland for a week or two… I’ll look forward to hearing the Podcast when you get back. I recently had an experience with a large company that had trademarked an actual ‘word’ in the dictionary (not sure how), and they didn’t want the smaller company to even use their ‘word’ in the URL, even though it was used in tandem with another few words in the URL. Very insightful info in the Podcast and I always learn a ton from you.

    • Thanks, Brandon! I can’t wait to get back into podcasting again! Wow, that’s really incredible. Thanks for the insight!