How to Give Your Social Media a Spring Clean

How to Give Your Social Media a Spring Clean

Spring has sprung! The ice has melted and flowers are blooming. It’s truly a wonderful time for a fresh start! You may be ready to strap on some cleaning gloves, but have considered cleaning the gutters of your little piece of the internet? Yep, your social media deserve a lovely little spring cleaning, too.

Review your social media goals

Spring is all about having a clean start, so why not freshen up your goals? Begin by evaluating your current performance and how it measures up to the goals you’ve already set. Are your goals the same as they were last year or have they changed? Envision the number one thing you want to accomplish for your business. Ask yourself:

  • Are my goals still current for my business trajectory?
  • What are the top three accomplishments I want to achieve by the end of the year?
  • What path do I need to take on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to achieve my goals?

Once you have your major areas to focus on you can begin developing your fresh strategy. Do you need to create new content, a better workflow, updated branding, new copy or programs?

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Review your audience

Just as social media is constantly evolving, your audience is, too. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn have easy-to-use analytic tools that can help you gain greater insight into your audience.

If using Facebook, consider taking advantage of Audience Insights. You can view both your Facebook audience as well as the audiences of others. Understanding your audience can give you a greater sense of their likes, income, behaviours, location and even their purchase activity.

Use this information to your advantage to create content that suits your audience. If your audience isn’t exactly your target demographic, you may want to consider creating content that will attract the customers you’re looking for. Check out this post about attracting “freebie folks”.

Facebook Audience Insights

Give your pages and profiles a makeover

It’s time to review your pages and profiles! I like to take a close look at my accounts every quarter, because as my business continues to evolve, updates need to happen.

Here are some things you may want to review:

  • Cover photo: Is it reflecting your latest branding or campaign? Is it adhering to current formats for each network? Are you including a call-to-action, where available?
  • Profile picture: Is this a recent photo? Do your photos match across all platforms?
  • About sections and bios: Are you including up-to-date information, for example, new portfolio items, your client roster, or other attributions?
  • Links: Are your links up-to-date? Have you included links to other networks, where available?
  • Media Kit: Is your media kit all up to date? Have you included new testimonials or links? Learn how to create your perfect media kit here.

Review permissions

This is a big one. I’m a bit of a stickler for security and sometimes, especially for small businesses, these things can be overlooked. It’s not only about the people who have access to your social media, it’s also associated apps! You know all those different extensions, or websites you’ve signed into through Twitter or Facebook? When was the last time you checked which apps have access to your different social sites? You would be surprised at what is still on there!

Here are some permissions you may want to review:

  • What past employees or contractors still have access to your social media accounts?
  • What level of access should each employee or contractor have?
  • Who has access to old passwords? Do you need to update your passwords because of this?
  • What apps have permission to access your social media pages and profiles?
  • What redundant apps can you delete altogether?


Added tip for security: I use LastPass to keep all my passwords secure and organized. It’s easy to keep track of who has access to passwords as well as store encrypted passwords for the highest level of security. It’s free for a basic account, although you can’t put a price on your Internet safety!


There is no doubt that throughout the year your brand evolves, which could include images, themes, digital or physical products, or even language used. This is completely natural, however, it is important to ensure your brand is continuous throughout your social media. That means that all images, colours and themes are the same on each one of your social sites (yes, even the ones you’re never on).

Here are some types of branding you may want to review:

  • Does each social platform include your current branding? (Cover photos, profile images, etc)
  • Does your branding reflect your current service or product offering?
  • Is your bio and contact information up-to-date?
  • Are all URLs branded correctly?

Added tip: I like to create a branding profile for each of my clients, which includes approved colors, typefaces, logos and language that must be used for anyone who will be producing content. You may want to consider creating a branding profile for yourself to stay consistent.

Freshen up your feed

In spring everything is fresh and new, and your social media should be, too! Try brainstorming new types of content you haven’t tried before to test and potentially drive more engagement, conversations and improve your reach.

Try posting some of these:

  • Newly branded memes
  • User-generated content that you’ve received over the past year
  • Host a challenge
  • Experiment with live video

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Clear away the junk

Really, this an essential part in any spring cleaning! Just like real life, our social media accounts accumulate junk like that desk drawer we forget about. Going through each of your social media accounts and clearing away the junk can really help to clear the air and start fresh.

Let’s get cleaning:

  • Go through all messages and delete those no longer relevant
  • Go through all drafts and get rid of anything you no longer need
  • Unfollow any spam accounts (try StatusBrew for Twitter and Instagram)
  • Update and edit your twitters list
  • Update apps or plugins