How to Create Call-to-Actions on Curated Posts Using Sniply

Sharing links from other sources, or curating content, is all fine and dandy, but by doing so, you could potentially be sending other sources your traffic without any return. Until now. I recently found a fantastic tool called Sniply that allows you to add call-to-action links, buttons and forms to any URL that you share. Check out my example here.

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How to Create a Sniply Link and CTA

1. Navigate to  or grab the Google Chrome extension for easy snipping.

2. If you’re using the Sniply website, login, then paste your URL in the box provided. If using the Chrome extension, simply navigate to the blog post you wish to share, then click the Sniply extension button.

3. When the pop-up box displays, enter your call-to-action information, and select either a link, button or form CTA.

4. With upgraded accounts, you also have the option of customizing the colors of your snip to suit your brand.

5. Click ‘create’ then copy the link or share directly from Sniply to Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to receive more in-depth analytics of the snips and CTA’s you’ve posted, you’ll definitely want to create a Sniply account. If you would like to include custom colors and even a custom shortlink for your snips, you should upgrade.