Six Minute Social Podcast

Relationship Building with BuzzStream for Effective Blogger Outreach [PODCAST]

In this podcast, I speak with Matthew Gratt from BuzzStream about link building, relationship building and blogger outreach for more effective social campaigns.

I work with a lot of start-ups and brands who don’t have a strong social following. They come to me because they need help to increase their reach in order to get the word out about their product or service.

I think that the biggest myth when it comes to social media is “if we build it, they will come”, but in reality, it takes many months to establish a strong community, and some time after that before you gain enough trust to push your message. So how can brands increase their reach and trust, beyond their own social following? I often suggest blogger outreach to build relationships and potentially increase reach through other social channels.

The How-To for Facebook Custom Audiences [PODCAST]

In this podcast, I discuss the amazing uses for Facebook custom audiences and why you should be taking advantage of them for your Facebook advertising. I'll cover a couple great strategies to really target your customers, clients and key demographic. How to Upload Facebook Custom Audiences: To...

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Why I Fell in Love with Social [PODCAST]

Italy, circa 2009. I moved from Toronto to a small town outside of Brescia called Ospitaletto, with my brand new husband. I have always been a bit gung ho about things, jumping in without testing the waters. When the thought crossed my mind to leave home,...

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