Six Minute Social Podcast

How to Get the Username You Really Want [PODCAST]

Many of the social media networks have strict trademark policies in place to prohibit users from taking and utilizing usernames and urls on behalf of a company. In many cases, if a username is taken, it need to be clearly stated that the account is...

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Understanding Creative Commons to Fuel Your Creativity [PODCAST]

Beyond offering free, copyright licenses to anyone who would like to use them, Creative Commons also provides a great search tool, allowing you to find CC works across 13 different platforms and search engines, including Google, Flickr and Soundcloud. It is noted that is...

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THE Best Strategy for Facebook Ad Retargeting [PODCAST]

Facebook retargeting, otherwise known as website custom audiences,  is one of the best tools to drive conversions and reduce ad spend. And if you’re not already using it, you’re missing out. But not for long. In this podcast, I walk you through a strategy that you’ll...

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