Learn How to Leverage Apple’s APP OF THE YEAR to Build a Profitable Online Business


Live broadcasting is the future of social media - Don't be left behind.

Let’s bust some myths about Periscope

1. “My Audience Isn’t Using Periscope”

WRONG. To watch a Periscope broadcast (live or replay), you don’t need to have the Periscope app. Your audience or potential audience can watch your broadcasts from any web browser, Twitter feed, or you can download your broadcasts to upload to YouTube, Facebook or anywhere else online (with help from us).

2. “I Won’t Get Any Viewers”

WRONG. Periscope has immense amount of organic reach through the app itself, as well as Twitter and Facebook. With our strategies, you’ll be able to grow your following and organic reach on Periscope and beyond with as little as one broadcast per day.

3. “I’m Horrible in Front of a Camera”

NOT ANYMORE. With our tips, tricks and amazingly supportive community, you’ll be camera savvy in no time, helping you to create better, more engaging content that will leave your competitors in your dust.

4. “I Don’t Have Time to Broadcast”

WRONG. If you can stand in line for coffee for 5 minutes, you have time to record a “scope”. Live broadcasting with Periscope can be done anywhere, anytime, helping you to fit broadcasting around your schedule and when you feel inspiration strike.

5. “It Won’t Make a Difference to My Business”

WRONG AGAIN. Many Periscopers are making thousands of dollars from launches, product and service offerings, and building their email list. I alone made over $6,000 from my very first launch, solely with the use of Periscope broadcasting and zero complicated sales funnels.

Your online marketing doesn't need to be difficult.

This self-paced course is PACKED with easy-to-understand tips and strategies to get you up and running on Periscope to take advantage of live broadcasting for your business. We not only talk about how’s, but also the why’s, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to take your broadcasting career from beginner to expert in very little time.


In this module you will learn the basics of Periscope and how to use this valuable tool to get found and engage your viewers for ultimate success.  You will also learn how to optimize your bio for increased click throughs and how to get over your fear of broadcasting.


In this module you will learn how to build your tribe on Periscope, increase engagement with your viewers and get your viewers to share your Scope with others to increase your reach and following.  You will also learn how to handle trolls and troublemakers gracefully so that your Scopes are a success.  This modules also covers connecting with viewers after your broadcast in order to build your list and build a following.


In this module we explore how to make a killer Scope including the ideal length of broadcasts and the best time of the day to do them.  Also covered is how to come up with an attention grabbing title for your Scope and how to set up for your broadcast


This module gets into the nuts and bolts on building your list and leads with Periscope including how to drive traffic to your website.  This section also teaches you kickass content strategies so that your viewers are engaged and interested.  You will also learn how to turn the “24 Hour Rule” into an advantage to increase your sales right now by promoting a sense of urgency


Learn how to use analytics and other tools to track your success with Periscope and how to use these tools to increase your following and sales.  You will also learn how to read your prospects minds and save your Scopes for future use.  Learn how to use Twitter Cards as a valuable tool to use in concert with Periscope to gain more followers.

Private Facebook Community

Private broadcast review where we will critique YOUR broadcast

Keep Your Scopes Tutorial + PSD Template for Easy Upload to YouTube

Access to our new Periscope Channel ScopeSuccess TV

Our recipe to retweet others in the group (think of this as crowdsourcing on steroids)

Monthly coaching calls

“I’ve learned so much across so many disciplines from Afton – technical, content, presentation, pacing, handling trolls gracefully. As I begin my own scopes, I am experiencing how difficult it is to capture the magic that you so effortlessly deliver on a DAILY basis. Watching your Scopes is not only an education in content, but also the art of Scoping. I notice the details like how you have each broadcast prepped with all your windows open, the ease with which you switch from speaking to demonstrating, the time you take to acknowledge people at the top of your Scopes, how you skillfully juggle five conversations at a time while picking right up where you left off in the content. You’ve got your shizzle together and it’s an amazing blend of competence, charisma and compassion.”

Jen H. – beta tester


The Content Machine is a five week course that will take your Periscope recordings and re-purpose them as podcasts, YouTube Videos, Social Media Posts and blog posts.


Learn to create killer live broadcasts using the top video-streaming platforms to generate highly converting content solely with the use of your mobile device.


Learn how to download your live streams for use on YouTube to take advantage of one of the most searched social networks, putting your content in front of millions.


Create audios with just the use of your live streams, creating amazing podcasts to reach even more users, again and again.


Learn how to turn your live broadcasts into easy, yet effective blog posts to generate traffic to your website to build leads and sales.


Publish your content continuously to social media to fill your feed, generate traffic and build your following quickly and easily so that you can get back to doing what you do best.



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Laura Betterly is an eclectic serial entrepreneur. She has traveled the world working with celebrities such as Ice T, Nile Rodgers, Jam Master Jay and Chaka Kahn but also took her last company In Touch Media Group public.

Laura currently runs a boutique marketing agency, Yada Yada Marketing and she partnered with marketing super stars Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins releasing her latest course, Traffic Genesis to help others utilize the power of Facebook Advertising for their businesses.


Afton has worked with solopreneurs and businesses from around the world to amplify their voice and have their message heard online, including Tommy Rosen, Mark Hyman, Robin Sharma, and Bodhi Tree. She worked exclusively with Peaceful Media and many online leaders during Brendon Burchard’s Elevate Your Brand live event to propel their businesses online.

You can watch Afton’s daily Periscope broadcasts, where she dispenses tips on how to stop wasting time on social media and to start making money.