How to Ensure Your Pinterest Pins Always Lead Back to Your Website

If you’re not using Pinterest to generate leads for your business, you could be missing out on a huge traffic driver for your website. Pinterest isn’t just about pinning pretty pictures to curated boards. This highly visual network offers a fantastic way to market your products, services, or content – if done right. I don’t know how many times I’ve come across a fantastic product pin, clicked through to find out more, and ended up on the full-sized image and nothing more. Not good.

If you’re uploading a pin, you must always be sure to attribute your Company by linking back to your website or blog. When I say pins, I mean pins that you’ve created with your own content. Don’t be stealing other people’s referral traffic, now! Of course, you can also embed your pin on your website, here’s a nifty tutorial for that. In this InstaKnow video, I show you how to add a source URL to make sure your Pinterest pins always lead back to your website:

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How to Add a Link to Your Pin

1. When logged into your Pinterest account, navigate to your pin

2. In the top right-hand corner, click the pencil (or edit) icon

3. When the pop-up appears, add the link to where you want people to visit when they click your pin in the “website” box

4. Be sure to press save and test you link to make sure it’s working

I also recommend adding your website address as a watermark on your image, should your pin be repinned by others and your source link is deleted from their pin, just like this:


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  • I have tried just about everything I know to link back to my website, I have clicked on pinned from and all it does is take me to a pinterest page, and I have no idea where this page has come from. When I click on the image to enlarge it there are some tabs on the top and one of those is link to site, click on that and that does take me back to my site, why it should work this way and not from the “found on” link I have no idea, if you have any ideas please let me know.
    Kind regards

    • Afton Negrea

      Hi Brian,

      Are you attempting to edit your own pins, or the pins of another user? Do you have an example that I can see?

  • Hi, I have also noticed the image becomes the link, so when I click on the pin to enlarge it and click it again it take me to my site, strange.

  • Vince

    You are right. I found the problem now at Pinterest. The Pins are pointing back to a part of my site but not the exact post from where it was pinned. Now I have to change many, many pins to point back to my intended post.

    Many thanks for this insight @AftonNegrea !

  • It Pinterest is highly visual network for products, service or content marketing then it is how? and also i don’t find any link for “Press Play Below Or Watch On Instagram”