Manage Multiple Mailchimp Accounts from One Dashboard

I have a confession. I have been logging in and out of Mailchimp accounts all my life. If you, too, suffer from this condition, there is still help.┬áHonestly, I don’t know why I didn’t clue into this sooner. Mailchimp allows users to manage multiple accounts. The account holder, or admin, can also grant permissions based on the level of access you wish to give.

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How to Add Users

1. Login to the Mailchimp account you wish to grant access for

2. Click the account name on the top left corner of your screen

3. Click “Account Settings” then “Users and Account Details”

4. Click the “Invite a User” button

5. Add the user’s email address and choose the user type (based on the permissions you wish to grant)

Once they user accepts the invitation, when they login to their Mailchimp account, they’ll be able to choose the account they wish to use, as well as from the main navigation bar in their dashboard. How awesome is that?

  • Ashley Faulkes

    Nice to know! thanks for sharing, I use Mailchimp mostly for clients and this could come in handy

  • Placid

    Hi Afton. if I have multiple websites where I want to use mailchimp, how should I do it? Thanks for your help.

    • Hi there, you can set up separate Mailchimp accounts and manage them from one dashboard, or you can create multiple lists, which will also allow you to manage different opt-ins. I think it really comes down to whether you want them completely separate, or easily manageable. Here’s a link to managing lists with Mailchimp: I hope this helps!

      • Placid

        Thank you Afton. That really helped!!

  • sheila

    What if I have my client list but all want to post their ads and have a sign on form on their facebook pages? What I am finding is that if you remove the facebook you are connected to then the sign up form disappears on the facebook page. Is there a way to be connected to multiple pages?

    • Sheila, are you using a third party application for email opt-ins on the Facebook pages?

      • sheila

        no. I was using the mailchimp integration