How to Request a LinkedIn Recommendation

It’s time that you started building your LinkedIn profile, but you’re unsure of how to get people on board to vouch for your great service or relationship. If this is you, you might want to check out LinkedIn Recommendations. Recommendations are references posted to your profile from clients, colleagues or business connections. When someone visits your profile, they will be able to reach the recommendations that your connections have submitted. People can either submit a recommendation on their own accord, or you can request a recommendation, helping to boost your credibility. Here’s how:

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How to Request a LinkedIn Recommendation

1. Login to your LinkedIn account and navigate to Account Settings > Privacy Settings

2. Under the Profile tab, click the link “Manage your recommendations”

3. Below your title and name, click the link “Ask to be recommended”

4. Type the name of your connection or click the address book beside the box marked “Who do you want to ask?”

5. Add your message (I recommend creating a personalize message) and press Send

Your connection will receive an email and a LinkedIn notification, informing them of the request. Once their recommendation has been submitted, you will also receive an email and notification. I always like to give my connections a heads-up about a recommendation request. If a client has received a great service or a business connection enjoyed a recent brainstorming session, I like to ask, “Would you mind if I sent you a recommendation request on LinkedIn? I would really appreciate your help in building my profile.”I always try to reciprocate and provide them with a recommendation as well.

Note: You can only request a recommendation from people you are currently connected to on LinkedIn. Be sure to make your connection first, before attempting to request a recommendation.

What do you think of LinkedIn Recommendations? Have they brought more credibility to your profile?