How & When to Make the Switch to a New Social Network

How & When to Make the Switch to a New Social Network

Social media networks are always coming and going. Within the last year alone we’ve seen the launch of Ello, Beme, Meerkat and Periscope. For businesses, it always leaves them asking, “should we try it out or stay where we are?” I’d like to shine some light on whether you should stay or go.

Before you take on another social media network, ask yourself these three questions:

1. Where is your audience – right now?

Often times, I see brands jumping on the bandwagon, following the leader, without them ever knowing where they’re headed. And that’s just bad business. Many people often forget that social media is just like any other advertising for your brand. If you owned a bakery, would you advertise in Sports Illustrated? I mean, there are other advertisers there, so why shouldn’t your business advertise there, too? Probably not.

Before you decide to make the switch, do some research on the new network. Ask yourself, is this where my target demographic is spending their time? Does the new network have enough reach to make it worth it for my business? If you’re still undecided, consider reserving the username of your choice until you make up your mind completely. If possible, make your account private until you’re ready.

2. Can you handle another network?

The number one concern for businesses owners when it comes to social media is, how much time and money will it cost me? If you’re at maximum capacity for both, you might want to consider not taking on another network, or dropping a lesser performing network a little down the line. If it’s a matter of time, and your social media is performing well and bringing great returns, this might be a great opportunity to bring on a more full-time community manager. Don’t underestimate the amount of time it takes to create a great online community or what it will mean for your business. Ensure your have a great social media strategy in place and revisit it often to see maximum results.

3. Can you adapt your strategy and content to suit?

The decision to adopt a new network is very difficult, because in many cases, there are a whole new set of tools and skills required to take it on. Many of the new networks are adopting video, so before you create an account, ask yourself, am I able to produce this type of content to suit this medium? Am I able to create regular content according to a strict schedule? In the case of Meerkat and Periscope, these networks require continuous content to stay on top, with daily live video broadcasts. Are you able to commit yourself to that type of requirement if need be?

One final note, if you do decide to leave a network completely, you might want to tell people where they can find you otherwise. It won’t look good when people come across an abandoned page or profile. They might assume you’re closed for business or you’ve given up on your social altogether.

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