How to Create a Vibe That Attracts The Right Tribe

How to Create a Vibe That Attracts The Right Tribe

Have you ever heard the saying “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”? The people you surround yourself with have a direct result on your success. This is definitely true of friends, but I believe it can also extend to your online community. Think about it – are you attracting the right people that will make a difference to your business? In other words, are you creating the tribe that will lift you up and help you to become who you’ve always dreamed of being?

Why You Need a Great Tribe

Thanks to the Internet, finding people who share ideas and interest is easier than ever before – but finding the right people and filtering out the noise is sometimes the hard part. But why have a tribe at all? What it comes down to is social proof. Social proof is a powerful way to get people to look at what you’re doing from the influence of others. People assume that if others are doing something, then it must be great. By having a thriving community, you can easily build trust and affinity with others, benefitting your business. 

Essential Tips for Creating (and Keeping) the Right Vibe

With so many ways to connect online, keeping your tribe may prove to be a little difficult. Know that your tribe may wander and you may lose them altogether if you don’t maintain your relationship. Your vibe will attract and keep your tribe, so ask yourself, what are you putting out into the world to attract the right people?

Here are some tips for keeping your tribe together:

  • Be authentic and personal: Whether through your writing, videos or podcasts. Whatever your tribe is centered around, what really counts is your particular perspective, honesty, and transparency. Be authentic and they’ll keep coming back for more. Here is a post about being more loveable on social media!
  • Find a platform for all: Finding the right place to interact is crucial for keeping your tribe together. Making it easy to connect is even more crucial. Consider using an online forum like Facebook or LinkedIn groups. (Keep in mind that you’re building on rented land. Try to grab their email addresses, because you never know when one of these networks will disappear!)
  • Create exclusive content, products and events: One way to gain more affinity with your tribe is to create products that help to define it. A book, a download or course can help you to do this. Exclusive online events like webinars as well as live events also help to build and keep your tribe.

Where to Connect With Your Tribe

Now that you know who you want to target, it’s time to focus on how you are going to connect. Social media is a great start, but there are many other forms of media that may have slipped your mind! You can use many types and combinations of media and social platforms to start and build your tribe, for example:

  • Social media: The obvious place to connect with your tribe is on social media. But remember, you need to connect where they already hang out. Don’t try to build a tribe somewhere just because you’re comfortable on that particular platform. You may want to consider creating a Facebook group where people can easily connect with each other.
  • Blog comments: A blog is a good starting point for any tribe. It gives you a place to express your views and encourage feedback. Encourage comments on your blog and leave comments on the blogs of others. Here are 5 awesome engagement strategies.
  • Live video broadcasting: If you’re comfortable talking in front of a camera, this can be a powerful way to connect with your tribe. When people can see and hear you, it makes your message more direct and personal! I personally like Pericope, with over a year of use, it is where I got my tribe.
  • Webinars: Live broadcasts like webinars or Google Hangouts allow you to create interactive events where you can bond with your tribe. This is also a great way to show them what you’re really capable of.
  • Offline: Don’t neglect offline ways to build your tribe. MeetUp groups and events can be a good way to get started.

Building your tribe is not something you can accomplish overnight. It requires a commitment of time and energy. Your strategy will probably change over time as you refine your tribe’s identity and learn what works and what doesn’t. Just remember, your tribe can enrich you personally as well as help you to expand your business. So go on and spread your vibe to attract your tribe!


  • Thanks for these tips! I have found that MeetUp is great for finding people of similar interests.

  • Hey Afton! These were some really great tips. One of the hardest things for me is consistency. I think because I have so many “great” ideas I can find myself in getting lost in the excitement of doing them all. I am teaching myself to focus on one or two strategies at a time and seeing where they take me before introducing something new.

    Question for you: Are you using a plugin or other software to create the form captures throughout the post? I know email marketing is important but I have no clue how to capture emails within the post in a subtle way such as your example above =D

    • For sure! It’s sometimes hard to keep the focus. But you’re rocking it!

      I use PopupAlly Pro and LeadBoxes (depending on the application).