How to Create a Social Media Routine That Rocks

How to Create a Social Media Routine That Rocks

If you’re a small business owner, you may feel like you don’t have enough time to keep up with your social media. Trust me, I understand! There are so many other aspects of running a business, and it’s easy for social media to slip your mind – even if you know how important it is to grow your business. Well, not to worry. That’s why I created a simple and fast routine that will help you start getting into social media shape. Here’s how to create a social media routine that rocks:


Showing up everyday on social media and being ready to post while you feel like there is 5 million other tasks on your plate is no easy task! Maybe you feel like you don’t have the time, or energy. Or maybe you don’t know where to start or what to post. It’s a hard bump to climb over, but I’m here to tell you IT IS SO WORTH IT. It is time to get rid overwhelm, here are just a few benefits of coming up with a social media routine that is consistent:

  • Create (and grow) a loyal following
  • Create conversations that convert followers into paying customers
  • Increase your reach and reduce your potential ad spend
  • Save your hair and time by making posting easy and stress-free!



The first thing you should be doing each morning is setting aside a little bit of time to read through your notifications and respond accordingly. Social media is social, you want to encourage conversations and even more importantly respond to them. Remember not to leave your notifications unanswered; people expect social media to be instant!

Daily checklist for notifications:

  • Respond to any messages, like comments, direct messages. Use a tool like Mention to keep on top of conversations across the web
  • Like or heart any replies that don’t warrant a full response, like “thanks for the share” mentions
  • Check for new followers and give them a nice welcome and thank those who share your content (as your following grows, this will become more a more difficult, but it helps in the early days), that being said it is important to learn why you are being unfollowed on social media.


Spend a few minutes each morning to read your timeline and Twitter lists. You can share anything you find interesting, or try to create a conversation by replying or commenting on posts. This doesn’t need to be difficult, even responding with “Nice share, what do you think about that?” will do. If you see anything trending that is relevant to you, try to make a post about it- just remember to post in real time as it may not be trending later.

Tips and tricks:

  • Look at popular stories in your network (try to share or respond to 2-4 a day)
  • Look at trending hashtags, and use them if they apply to you
  • Start a conversation with anyone who would benefit from you, or your competitors

How to Create a Social Media Routine that Rocks via @AftonNegrea



Having an unlimited pool of content to pick from is going to be super beneficial to you. It will make posting a breeze because you don’t have to spend time digging for what to share out to the world. The good news is that it is a lot easier to accomplish then you may think! Sharing the best of the web is a great way to add value to your social media and is a great way to start conversations!

How to create your pool of content:

  • Determine the type of content you want to share that will speak to your audience. This may include content from influencers or people you really want to work with or promote
  • Use apps, like Feedly or Buffer that will allow you to organize all your favourite content in one place. By doing something like this, it makes it easy and fast to find and share content
  • Make use of Twitter lists and keep them updated! This will make it easier to see what your competitors and influences are sharing. Use Tweetdeck to view all your lists at once


Now that you have sharable content, the only thing left is to actually post it. Schedule all of the articles you found for the week. Whenever you see something you would like to share, just throw it into the schedule. Don’t forget to schedule your own promotional content and services. By writing your posts beforehand it will free up your time to focus on other parts of your business. By planning your own editorial and promotional calendar will make sure you’re keeping on top of your own content.

How to do this:

  • Use Buffer to schedule as many posts as you like (See this post to learn how to use Buffer for kick ass scheduling)
  • Use Latergram to plan Instagram posts ahead of time, making publishing super fast
  • Use Tailwind to find and pin content to Pinterest super fast (as well as get a lot of handy insights)

BONUS TIPS – How to Create Great Posts:

  • Make use of awesome hashtags! Use apps such as Hashtagify to research the best hashtags possible. I recommend creating a spreadsheet of all the great hashtags you find that reference your brand. It will make a great resource later
  • @mention as much as you can (you want to encourage conversations – make those connections!)
  • Make use of visual posts as they get the most clicks (make sure you use visuals for your promotional posts). You can use apps like Canva or Relay to do this
  • Use BuzzSumo to research top shared content from across social media to find posts that will get you the most engagement


Plan your blog and social media content using CoSchedule and have it published automatically. This will save you time (and brain power), but also keep you accountable for your own content and make sure you’re being seen online. If you have time try to give your social media a spring clean, this should be done at least once a year.


With an app like CoSchedule you can also keep track of your top posts and send them out throughout the month to direct traffic back to your blog.

As for your social media, see what content is performing the best with Dasheroo (or if you want to go really in-depth use Google Analytics), and base your social posts for the month based on what is doing the best. Don’t keep spinning your wheels creating and sharing content that isn’t working for your business. That’s what makes a true social media rockstar.

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