How to Be More Loveable on Social Media

How to Be More Loveable on Social Media

We all want more love in our lives. We want to be appreciated and adored, online and offline. We work hard trying to connect with others, and of course we want them to us love in return! Being loveable has many benefits, especially when it comes to your online marketing. Love brings you a loyal following, credibility and trust. However, when it doesn’t happen, it leaves you asking, “Why? What’s wrong with me? Will someone just love me?!”. So, here are my top tips for being more loveable in social media:

Treat Your Followers Like Admirers

Why do we need to refer to our online friends as “followers”? It seems cold, standoffish and less, well, loveable. Let’s consider your followers more as admirers, who hang off your every word, and who you admire right back. Set the tone for more love, and more love will come to you.

Be Reliable

This is a great quality for becoming more loveable on social media. Why? Being reliable gains trust and it makes you a credible source. Show your admirers you care for their questions and concerns. Respond to each and every comment and engage with them. Make time each and every day for engagement, just like you would with friend or loved one. (Learn how to create a social media routine that rocks here)

Treat People Like People

It’s important to be courteous. Why do we assume that conversations online are any different than those that we have offline? They’re all people! For example, if someone reaches out to you saying “Awesome blog post”, be courteous and reply with a thank you. Little touches make you standout as loveable and caring!

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to say nice things to you, occasionally you may get the dreaded hater. It’s important to keep your cool and show kindness to all people. Learn how to your perfect tribe here!

Start the Conversation

This is key in social media! Remember social media isn’t just to market your content, it’s about sharing quality content and starting a conversation about it. If you want people to engage with you, promote conversation! Nothing is more apparent online than if you clock out. Remember, it’s not all about you. Make an effort to start the conversation about the content of others. Comment on their posts, including on social media and their blog. Offer to have a real conversation with them to build your network. Here are 5 more of my top engagement strategies. You never know where it will take you.


Ask for Their Opinion

Asking for opinions is great in many ways! Think about it, you can get lots of awesome feedback about anything you need to incite. People love to be heard and to put their two cents in about something they really care about. Asking opinions and going out of your way to make an effort to see what someone thinks shows how much you care.

Offer Help Any Way Possible

Do you have that one friend who is always there for you no matter what? Someone who is you can always go to ask for advice? (I know I do) Isn’t that person awesome? Now just think, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could be that person for your online community? What an amazing feeling you would provide to so many people. Offering help through your social media is a great way to be seen as loveable. Most followers have questions that they need answered. Why not offer them a helping hand? Be their solution, and in return you have someone loyal to you.

Show Who You Really Are

You are not a social media robot, you are human, so act like the loveable human you are! Let who you are shine and don’t be afraid to be personable. Don’t you hate it when someone comes off as fake in real life? It’s the same in social media. The more you open up and talk about your experiences, the deeper connection you create. People love when they feel like they know you! They like reading personable posts. Try telling jokes, sharing photos, and when in doubt share a story. Not to worry if you don’t know where you’re headed, just be you! Everyone has unique talents and abilities, and social media is a great place to show them off, just be you! 

how to be more loveable in social media

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  • Thanks for these tips! As easy as it might look, blogging involves so much multi-tasking. My big thing to implement this year is being reliable — posting with the same frequency each week.

    • Awesome! That’s a great goal to have, Neetzy! Thanks for the comment.

  • Nadine Gregoor

    I love & sherish my FB-page about our small b&b in Leuven (Flanders, Belgium). I use the blog for other type of postings than FB. Twitter is connected to FB as well… It’s interesting to see different things being picked up on each channel … TripAdvisor is a nice one as well, still of a free account but very powerful if you end up high on the review listings …

  • I’ve been doing the 30 day Scope Challenge and reading your post made me realise I need to ask more questions AND commit to showing up when I say I will! ( Reliable ). As always love how simple you make the points.

    • I’m so glad you know the steps you need to take, Debbie! Just think of where you’ll be this time next year!

  • People tend to remember experiences when their pain / issue was solved much more than the experiences when everything was just good enough.

    Imagine you’re staying in a hotel room on your vacation and everything is just ok. The AC works, shower works, room service is above average. You’re kinda satisfied. Now imagine you’ve booked a room and the AC doesn’t work and it’s like 90 out there. The hotel administrator walks into your room after you call the reception and she says that they’re sorry, they’re sold out, there are no free rooms, but they can upgrade you to a penthouse for free because they want you to have a perfect vacation.

    You will remember the second one, and you’ll forget the name of the first (average) hotel.

    Treat every screw up as an opportunity to show your audience that you care and fix things. 😉