Understanding the Power of Hashtags via @AftonNegrea

Understanding the Power of Hashtags with Dan Mazzini of Hashtagify.Me [PODCAST]

Hashtags are a fundamental part of social media. There’s no way of getting around them. And if you don’t know how to use them – or use them correctly, you could be missing out. I often see people use hashtags incorrectly or not at all, and it makes me shake my head a little, because businesses are losing out a huge opportunities to really hit their target market. Hashtags aren’t just some clever way the kids are communicating these days, but they’re a genuine way to source relevant content – and the content that people are sourcing is yours.

Using Hashtagify.Me to Research and Develop Hashtags

I love Hashtagify.Me. It’s my go-to tool when I’m researching hashtags for the campaigns I’m running. What I especially love about it, is how easy it is to use and because of it, I can discover so much more than I was looking for. Here are some ways that you can use Hashtagify.Me:

Discover Related Hashtags


Finding Top Influencers


Researching Optimal Posting Times


Understanding Spelling Variations


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