THE Best Strategy for Facebook Ad Retargeting [PODCAST]

Facebook retargeting, otherwise known as website custom audiences,  is one of the best tools to drive conversions and reduce ad spend. And if you’re not already using it, you’re missing out. But not for long. In this podcast, I walk you through a strategy that you’ll want to implement straight away, to increase leads and sales. Plus some tips on reporting on your ads to really drill down on what’s working and what’s not.

My top tip from this podcast

Facebook Ads Reporting

Many people are using Facebook ads, but few are taking advantage of ads reporting. Facebook allows you to really drill down to see the results, including what demographic is the most engaging and converting. By further understanding these metrics, you could potentially better your market research, laser focus your targeting, and potentially reduce your ad spend.  Here are my top tips for using Facebook ad reports for your campaigns:

1. Choose Your Targeting

Facebook offers a multitude of reporting metrics, which can be accessed from your reporting dashboard by clicking “Edit Columns”. Here, you can choose how you wish to view your report. My favorite columns are Campaign, Ad Set, Ad, Data Breakdown > Age and Gender and Reach. Then, depending on the goals, I might choose Likes, Website Conversion, Website Clicks, etc. You can really customize it specifically to your campaign goals.

2. Add Filters

If you would like to filter the data even further, you can add additional filters. For example, I might filter a specific ad name.

3. Save Reports

Once you have your report looking just as you want it, click the save button and name it something that makes sense to the report. This makes it easy for you to access the same reports again and again.

4. Schedule Reports

I like to schedule some of my reports, either for my own use, or that are sent directly to a client. Scheduling can be set-up by clicking “Schedule” then filling in the credentials there.

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