My 5 Strategies to Really Push Users to Like, Comment and Share Your Content [PODCAST]

So, you have a beautifully branded set of social media pages and profiles. You have a content schedule down and you’re right on top of your insights and metrics, but there’s nothing to report, because no one is liking, commenting or sharing your posts. In this podcast, I discuss my top five strategies to really push users to engage with your content to get the results you want.

My Top Tip from this Podcast – How to Create Curiosity with Your Posts

I think, more than any other issue I see on Facebook, is the inability to create engaging link posts. Curiosity is key in social media. If you’re not making your audience curious about the content that you’re sharing, either your own or the content of others, then you’re missing out on valuable engagement. Here, I’m going to show you how to create a Facebook link post that people will actually want to like, comment and share (we hope):

1. Populate Your Link – Then Keep It!

Paste your link into the status area and watch as your link preview magically appears before your eyes! But before you delete the link, think again. Facebook says that users click the link in the status copy more than they do the link preview itself. I like to add a little “Read More:…” with the link below a bit of teaser copy.


2. Make Sure Your Link Description and Status Are Different

I don’t know how many times I see links that are shared, and the status area has the same description as the link description. It just looks lazy and automated when I see it. Make the effort and create a completely different status within the post. It also gives you one more opportunity to encourage the user to click-through to the content that you’re sharing.


3. Change the Image, Link Title and Link Description, if Necessary

It seems to be a highly guarded secret that you can change the preview image of your link, as well as the link title and description. Sometimes, the information populated from a curated source just doesn’t do the trick. Change out the information to encourage engagement on the post – especially the preview image!  Correct preview image size should be 1200px x 627px. You’ll be amazed by how much difference a little change on a post can make.


Resources from this Podcast

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