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Using TwineSocial for Awesome Social Media Aggregation [PODCAST]

In this podcast, I speak with Aaron Fessler, founder of TwineSocial to talk social media aggregation and the key features of his amazing app. I'm always open to trying new tools for social media, but when my friend Brandon Schaefer introduced me to TwineSocial for social media aggregation,...

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Discovering the All New Klout for Content Curation [PODCAST]

In this podcast, I discuss the all new Klout for content discovery and curation and why you should be using it for your social media marketing. Klout recently made some very exciting updates to its platform. Instead of simply using Klout to measure and track your...

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10 Awesome Websites to Find the Best Animated GIFs

*Le sigh* Remember the days of animated butterflies all stacked in a row and spinning email icons?  So simple, yet so effective. There was never a question of where to find your brand-spanking new AOL email address. Ah, those were the days. Wait, no they...

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