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How to Create a Twitter Lead Generation Card

Twitter cards are the little known lead generation super power of the social media world. Many don't even know that they exist, or perhaps they just don't understand how to use them. Well, that all ends now. What are Twitter Cards? Many people have seen Twitter cards, but probably...

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Twitter: 5 Things That You’re Getting Wrong

Too often do I receive the question, "Why isn't Twitter working for me?" Here's the thing; Twitter is an amazing tool, but only if you know how to use it. Again and again, I see brands make the same mistakes, often blaming the network rather than looking...

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Understanding Creative Commons to Fuel Your Creativity [PODCAST]

Beyond offering free, copyright licenses to anyone who would like to use them, Creative Commons also provides a great search tool, allowing you to find CC works across 13 different platforms and search engines, including Google, Flickr and Soundcloud. It is noted that is...

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