Being an Awesome Community Manager – My Experience and Advice [PODCAST]

Being a community manager is hard. It really is. There are massive expectations to perform well, often with tight time constraints and policies. And I know this, because I currently manage the community of one of the world’s largest public arts projects, the RedBall Project.

For the past year and a half, I’ve had the incredible fortune to be the social media and online press manager for the RedBall Project. For anyone that hasn’t heard of the RedBall Project, it is a 250lbs, 15’ inflatable red ball that has travelled to 19 cities around the world, including cities like Barcelona, Paris, Taipei, Sydney, and even my hometown of Toronto. It’s the work of my client and friend Kurt Perschke.

In this podcast, I discuss what it takes to be an amazing community manager, plus some secrets that I’ve been hiding about my role as a community manager myself. Be sure to check out all the highlights of our time in Galway, Ireland by visiting


The work of the amazing Danny Cooke, and the beautiful city of Galway.

Resources from this Podcast

RedBall Project –
The Social Proof – Kurt Perschke and the RedBall Project

  • Kristina

    Love it Afton, your voice is perfect for these podcasts and your expertise really shine through, keep it up girl 😉

    • Thanks so much, Kristina! That means a lot to me!

    • Thanks so much, Kristina! That means a lot to me!