How to Easily Add Images In-Stream Using Buffer

I think I get asked at least once per day, “How do I add my images in-stream on Twitter?” Well, let me tell you…easily. That’s right. You add them easily using Buffer. No more downloading and uploading images. You’re just a couple clicks away from awesomeness. And here’s how:

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How to Add Images In-Stream

1. Grab the Buffer browser extension

2. Right click on any image (or click + ctrl on a Mac)

3. Select “Buffer This Image”

4. Add your message, hashtags and links (be sure to add your link if you want to link to the page or article!)

5. Add to Queue or Share Now

This feature not only lets you buffer to Twitter, but also any other network that you have in your Buffer account. Make sure you integrate all networks that you’ll want to buffer your posts to. This is also a great way to add large image posts to Facebook, but don’t forget to add you link to your status copy! For more tips, you might want to check out my podcast on how to easily manage multiple social media accounts.

Do you have any other awesome Buffer tips or questions? Let me know!