7 Awesome Photo Editing Apps for Content Marketing

7 Awesome Photo Editing Apps for Content Marketing

7 Awesome Photo Editing Apps for Content Marketing

These apps that I am about to share with you allow for more range of filters, better camera options, better tools, as well as options for text, face editing and collages. Are you excited yet? Having beautiful eye-catching images is a must for your content marketing.

Why you need awesome images for your content marketing:

  • Blog posts with images get more then double the views (94% to be exact!). Here are some more reasons people may not be reading your blog.
  • Visuals with colors increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80% (source)
  • People click more share more and like more image posts on social media
  • If information is paired with a relevant image, people retain 65% of the information up to 3 days later (source)
  • It helps you to craft your story in a more creative way

If that isn’t enough for you, you can read more stats here. Are you ready to hop aboard the image editing train yet? Let’s roll.


VSCO is an amazing free photo editing app for amateurs and professionals alike. This app has fantastic built in filters (with more to buy if need be), as well a photo editing tools that are easy to use. These top of the line tools and are some of best available. If you are really into photography, VSCO turns your phone camera into a DSLR, allowing you to take an amazing shot without any additional equipment. See photo examples here.


2. WordSwag

WordSwag is an amazingly easy app that lets you create wonderful images with text. Text overlays for creation of memes have grown in popularity. They are a proven method to gain traction with your social media engagement. Easily create artistic layouts with a couple clicks, plus get royalty-free Pixabay stock photography straight from within the app.


3. Facetune

Facetune allows you to edit your…well, face. This is an easy and fun tool to use to get rid of dark circles, blemishes, fix your hair, emphasize parts of your face, and reshape. We all have those days where no matter how hard we try we just can’t seem to take a good photo. Maybe the lighting was off, or it was too windy- whatever the case may be you’ll never have to be victim to a bad photo again!


4. AfterLight

AfterLight is a bit of everything; it is the Swiss army knife of filters. With over 70 filters, natural textures and frames, you can really do a lot of creative things to transform your photos into something creative and unique. Similar to VSCO, AfterLight also lets you adjust the camera settings like a simple DSLR. AfterLight also provides easy photo tools like cropping, exposure, and contrasting.


5. Superimpose

Superimpose is another fun app that lets you create professional superimposed or juxtaposed photos on your phone in just a quick few taps. You can blend, mix, or combine photos easily. This very powerful app has similar tools to Photoshop, like clipping masks, the magic wand, and lasso tools.


6. Snapseed

Snapseed is a fantastic app for serious photographers. Just like other photo editing apps, you can swipe to select different effects and enhancements, however these effects go way past filters. Tools include spot repair, lens blur and advanced zoom controls. One unique feature is the “Automatic” option to change your colour and contrast. And because this app lets you view your editing history, it is so easy to go back and fix anything you need to.http://cdn.appstorm.net/iphone.appstorm.net/files/2011/08/06_snapseed_before_after.jpg

7. Rhonna Designs

Rhonna Designs is another great app to create quick and easy social media and blogging images. The app comes pre-loaded with tons of fantastic backgrounds, beautiful font packs, and endless inspiration. I particularly love the metallics for creating text with a bit of bling! You can easily pull images and colors from Adobe Creative cloud if you’d like to take your designs to the next level. Check out their website for more design packs for your marketing.

Rhonna Designs

Bonus Tip: 4 Ways to Use Your Images

  1. Create “quotables”, quoting a line from your blog post and sharing to social media (be sure to link back to the original blog post!)
  2. Create a post round-up, with a numbered list of your key points. Add the image to the end of your post, share it out to social media, and even include it in your email newsletter
  3. Include screenshots or images with captions to highlight your idea. Include it in your blog posts or as micro-content for your social media
  4. Try using GIFs to create eye popping visuals. Learn how to make them with this awesome post!