5 Must-Do’s to Get Your Business Ready for the Holidays

5 Must-Do’s to Get Your Business Ready for the Holidays

Doesn’t it always seem that when one holiday finishes, another one starts? There’s so much to do, and many of us (especially small business owners) leave it to the last minute. Procrastination could be a part of it, but mostly it’s just about being completely unprepared. Well, this year you can put your feet up and enjoy with my 5 must-do’s to get your business ready for the holidays.

5 Must-Do’s to Prepare Your Business Online

Preparing your business for the holidays is no different than preparing for the holidays with your family and friends. You are expecting guests and you have to treat them right. If you don’t prep things beforehand, it could result in a grumpy Aunt Agnes (or customer).

1. Make Your List, Check it Twice

Before you get started with your holiday preparations, first make a list with your plan of action. List everything that you need to execute for your marketing plan this holiday to be successful, including planning your:

  • Editorial calendar including social media campaigns
  • Product, program or service listings
  • Email campaigns and auto-responders
  • Upcoming promotions and associated image assets
  • Holiday related image assets for your website and social media
  • Automat your content to save time (try using my guide on Buffer for this)

Consider looking at previous year’s trends. What worked and what didn’t work? Was there a high and low point in traffic? What was the most popular item or piece of content on your website? Did you have enough inventory or staff to accommodate the requests? By answering these questions, you’ll be able to better your results year-to-year.

2. Clean & Organize Your Home

Just as you would do a thorough clean of your home before having guests visit, your website may need a spit and polish. Remove any clutter that isn’t needed, including:

  • Old campaign assets or branding
  • Blog posts that are no longer relevant (or that need updating)
  • Old product images
  • Outdated copy

There is lot’s to do, learn how to give your social media a clean! You may want to consider restructuring your navigation based on your reporting, like Google Analytics. What pages are the most popular? And what pages need the most love? Are you seeing the conversions you have been hoping for or is it time to reassess your strategy?

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3. Address Security Concerns

Just as you would pad sharp corners or plug sockets when a toddler is visiting, or salt the sidewalk when you’re expecting granny, you would prepare your website for any security risks. In many cases, risks usually come in the form of hackers or inadequate infrastructure of your website. Having downtime on your website could mean big consequences for your business, so prepare yourself for the worst. You may want to consider the following:

  • Upgrade your server
  • Upgrade or delete plugins
  • Remove old users
  • Change passwords, if necessary

Also, be sure to secure all of your social networks, including removing old employee access and consider implementing 2-step authentication logins.

4. Determine Your Budget

You probably have a lot of people to buy for during the holidays, and in which case, you may need a budget. If you’re running paid ads or hiring new staff or contractors to help you during the holidays, you’ll want to do the same. If you have earnings reports from previous years, you’ll be able to project this year’s revenue. Things you may want to budget for include:

  • Upgrades to your website (development time)
  • New graphic design assets
  • Development of new products or programs
  • Paid advertising, including Google Adwords and Facebook ads
  • Admin or customer support staff

5. Gather Your Tools

Good tools are essential for the holidays. Whether you’re cooking for your clan or furiously wrapping gifts, having the right tools for the job could free up a huge amount of time, allowing you to relax more. Put your business on auto-pilot by using the right tools for your business processes, including tools for:

  • Social media and blog content publishing
  • Email marketing automation, including auto-responders
  • Monitoring mentions of your brand online
  • Measurement tools to report on your success during the holidays

Grab my Power Tools List for all my top tools that I use for my very own business to help you during the holidays. If you are using WordPress you can also learn my top 10 tools I use here. You’ll be glad you did.

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